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My name is Robert Steg, but please, call me "Bob"! I started "Healthy Lifestyle by Bob", because I BELIEVE THAT EVERYBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO BE THE ABSOLUTE BEST THEY CAN BE! Why? Because when you feel good about yourself, it shows in everything that you do, be it at work, at home, on the go or at social events. Of course, adopting a healthy lifestyle means different things to different people. For some people, it simply means eating healthy, for others it means getting enough exercise, and yet for others, it might mean reducing stress, getting more rest or just plain feeling better about themselves in general.

My mission is to support you in feeling good about yourself, so that you can be at your best in every area of your life. I believe that each individual has the power to make subtle changes in their life that can enhance their health and happiness, and my goal is to support you in making these shifts, so that you can reap the benefits of a fitter and healthier lifestyle." HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS?" you ask!

The first way is through one-on-one Coaching. Coaching is definitely for you if you are excited about your life and would like support in realizing your dreams, whatever they are. After all, YOU are the expert in your own life, and I respect the agenda you bring to each session and am more than happy to support you in the areas you feel you need it the most. This may mean meeting face to face, via skype or via the telephone.

My second way of spreading the word is through workshops, telecalls, group coaching and webinars. I am committed to sharing the knowledge I have accumulated over the years from my education, work experience and my own personal journey in getting fit and healthy. I can do fun and entertaining on-site workshops anywhere in the US, and for convenience sake, I can do similar workshops on the web and in group coaching. I am flexible!!!

A third way of supporting you is with my new book, (which I am very excited about!!), called, "How Do I Know if I'm Fat?" and it is designed to help you tweak your lifestyle by making eating a conscious decision. It is like taking a little bit of me home with you. In the book, I go over all the ways you can get fitter and healthier by gradually making changes in your lifestyle so that you can be the best you can be with what you have. My slogan is, "Make the eating connection!" In other words, make every effort to connect what you put in your mouth with how you it will affect you afterward. Once you start to make eating a conscious decision, you can be the one in control, not the food! Please come check it out by hitting the link or the tab at the top!

Thanks for being here, and remember, "You are already fit and healthy, your body just needs to catch up!"


"The coaching was great! Bob is a very enthusiastic and energetic person. He makes you feel at ease, which definitely helped me to open up about a very sensitive female topic: My weight! Even though the weight did not change much during the first couple of weeks, he kept encouraging me and motivating me to stick to my healthy routine. Week after week he kept me accountable and this definitely helped me to stay on track... and it paid off! Thanks Bob for all your help and support in reaching this long anticipated goal!" by EP

"Bob was a great coach to work with! He was easy to talk to, listened well, and provided the knowledge I needed regarding healthy eating habits. He always asked about any eating challenges in the upcoming week, and he helped me come up with strategies that worked for me in my lifestyle. The times that I needed to talk about something different than our regular topic, he was very helpful and supportive. Overall, I really enjoyed working with Bob and gained a lot from the experience." by MD

"Bob was extremely patient, encouraging and professional. I always looked forward to my next visit because I learned something new that helped me make better choices. Bob also was empathic when I had a bad week due to work stress or family stress in my life. Bob was constantly encouraging me, and he even emailed me during the week for support and encouragement. I feel empowered to continue on with my weight loss and to start to include more exercise into my daily routine. I felt that I could be open and honest with Bob so that he could provide the appropriate coaching for my situation. As a school counselor, I was very impressed with Bob's ability to refocus - as needed - and provide positive and productive guidance. Bob is an excellent coach." by RS